Island Citizens for Public Beach Access

Island Beach Access

About IBA

Island Beach Access (IBA) is an expanding network of people who are dedicated to identifying, mapping, signing, and preserving access to the public shorelines of Island County for the legal and rightful use of its citizens, for future generations.


As citizens of Island County, we are privileged to live in a relatively pristine and resource-rich part of the world.

Whenever the discussion turns to beach access, the subject of private property rights moves into the foreground. People descend on the shoreline, wander onto residents' private tidelands, and generally violate the sanctity of land ownership. Seldom do you hear a similar concern for the rights of the people to their own public beaches and tidelands.

In fact, there are just about as many laws and regulations on the books that aim to ensure the public's right of access to its beaches and shores as there are to ensure the rights of owners of private property. Yet, over time, there has been an expansion of private beaches and accesses at the expense of the public. Much of this erosion of the public's access to our shoreline has resulted from a history of persistent infringement and obfuscation on the part of property owners in a county often hard pressed to regulate and maintain its own assets.

What’s Happening